I asked her to buy sriracha and she came back with this… Excuse me while I make a sammich. Melissa Sykes has made it to #teamblowinit

Had to give the roommates a safetybrief before I optested this and explained the importance of two man integrity for fire reasons. Thank basedgod for electrical tape.

hey bro, did you buy or make your green ninjetti suit, looks sick btw!

No, I got it from qq cosplay. And thanks man!

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I guess this new used setup counts as a #tbt lol. I always liked how razor genesys boots fit and always wanted shima 3 reigns for their high cut poofiness. Also night sole plates are nearly indestructible and I just love higgs boson antis. Thanks @oakcityinlineskateshop for coming up on just what I need for the right price. #razors #skates

Finally watching Saint Young Men (shout out to jocynoya) and not even 5 minutes in I’m fucking dying.

FDA Proposes First E-Cigarette Rules - NBC News

I say do it. I’m a second round e-cig… *shudder*… “vaping” person and I’m all for transparency and knowing how fucked up something is I’m ingesting. But! THREE THINGS:
1. I didn’t know they’ve been around since 1963 *mindblown*
2. They tried to introduce candy/fruit flavored cigarettes? … damn bruh…
c. Menthol cigarettes are more harmful than regular?! THEY TRYING TO KILL THE BLACK MAN.


Have you ever bullshitted an assignment so hard you basically laugh after every sentence you write

bruh, that’s how you college. Duh.

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this gif actually changed my life 


this gif actually changed my life 

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